Pricing and Logistics

Live training engagements

Live training days may be confirmed with a deposit of 50% of the negotiated engagement total. Please see availability page to select dates, subject to final confirmation by Melissa. Any engagements requested within 30 days of the engagement will be subject to a $250 surcharge (domestic) or $500 (international). Pricing is per day. There is no proration for partial days. Payments accepted in US funds only, by check or credit card. Other payment arrangements may be made with prior approval.

Online Engagements

Webinars may be confirmed with a $250 deposit. Base rate is $1,000 for up to 3 hours on any one day. Special reduced rates may be available on selected days. Please contact Melissa for details.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

Deposits are fully refundable up to 45 days prior to the engagement. Non-refunded deposits may be applied to future engagements less any travel rebooking fees incurred.


Live Events

You will be asked to provide a projector with an VGA or HDMI connection and appropriate cables and power supplies, a suitable training facility, meeting room or conference space, internet connectivity, and the appropriate software (if required) installed on each attendees computer. If this is impractical, you will communicate to attendees the version of software from which the training will be delivered. It is possible to support multiple versions of software during a hands-on training. However, less material may be able to be covered.

Online Events

To avoid any firewall issues, you will be asked to provide an online webinar portal service for the event. A “tech test” will be needed at least one week prior to the event to validate usability.


Hands-on classes for software topics are limited to 20 attendees. Additional students may be added if the client provides at least 1 classroom assistant (skilled computer user) per every additional 10 students. Seminar (interactive, but hands-off) engagements are limited to the capacity of your meeting space.