She knew the material and connected with the attendees for each of the sessions. She was entertaining in a way that kept the attendees attention and made the training sessions fly by.

Gerald  S. –  Project Manager

… top-notch Microsoft® Certified Trainer who is able to relate her knowledge of Microsoft software in a manner that is easy for any audience to grasp.

Carolyn F. – Newsletter Editor/Webinar Producer

… creates personalized sessions and she is always willing to go the extra mile to please her customers.

Vince – Webinar Producer

Her passion and knowledge is effortlessly transmitted to attendees. She has a knack for making people comfortable and her sense of humor transcends the training sessions into unique, fulfilling experiences for all.

Mark R. – Microsoft Office Trainer

Whether you are a novice user or a veteran user, undoubtedly she will give you hands-on confidence and offer something new and interesting for your home office usage or corporate office.

Sharon T. – Real Estate Broker

Through her humorous yet no nonsense delivery she combines a steady flow of useful working examples, theory and an arsenal of effective and time saving techniques and shortcuts to make your time far more efficient.

Lyle S. – Student

… witty, clever, authentic and delivers powerful training.

Jennifer N. – Technical Recruiter

Excellent instructor. I had Melissa for several MS Office classes. She was an excellent teacher, balancing knowledge and tips all the while keeping us interested in the class.

Diane H. – Sr. Investment Analyst