Zach’s Monday Mac Tips

Zach’s Monday Mac Tips

Zach’s Monday Mac Tips

Welcome to Zach’s Monday Mac Tips!

Hello, I’m Zach Stout, MPELLC’s marketing specialist. Melissa mentioned that some of her fans were interested in shortcuts like she posts each week, but for Mac users. Well, here you go. Check back each week for new ones!

Zach Stout
  • Select a column or a cell in your dataset and hit “command+shift+R” to automatically sort it.
  • Highlight the cells you want to format and hit “command+1” to open the Format Cells window.
  • Want to save your doc with a different name or in a different place? Quick way to “Save as”: “command+shift+S”.
  • Frequent user of =SUM? In Excel, “command+shift+T”puts it in the cell.


  • I use this one all the time in spreadsheets, text docs, and in browsers. “command+f” opens a search bar to find a word or phrase in an open window.


  • Create a bulleted list the fast and easy way by clicking “command+shift+L”.
  • Another accidental find that I’m really happy about. Toggle between open windows in the same application by hitting “command+`” (That’s the same key with the ~ on it.)


  • To apply the Heading 1 style to text, press “command+option+1”. Use 2 or 3 for heading styles 2 and 3.


  • Use “command+L” to align text to the Left or “command+R” to align text to the right. Works in Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.
  • Add a quick note to a cell in Excel with “command+shift+N”. It’s a good way to keep track of what your data means to you.
  • I just discovered this one by accident! Use “command+shift+plus(+)” to zoom in on a screen. Use the same with minus (-) to zoom out. So far I’ve found it works well with browser windows and Outlook message windows.


  • Use “command+space” to open a search bar and find the program/file you’re looking for more easily.


  • In Excel, use this handy little shortcut to quickly put the current time in a cell. I use it to track hours. What else could you use it for?
  • Got a ton of apps running at once? Scroll through all of your active apps with “command+tab” to find the one you’re looking for.
  • In most browsers “command+shift+H” will take you to your home page. Useful if you’re like me and just don’t feel like using the mouse.
  • A little timesaver: use “command+shift+D” to open the desktop folder from Finder.
  • No matter how many times you’ve typed, written, or read that word, for some reason, it just doesn’t look right today. Step 1: Use “F7” to check your spelling and find out for sure. Step 2: Whisper to yourself, “I totally knew that.”
  • Easy yet important: “command+S” to save your document.  Just hit it every so often as you’re working on something so you don’t lose pages worth of changes.  Just a friendly reminder from your fellow Mac user!
  • If you want to make some changes to the style of your document, start with “command+D” to open the Font window.
  • Quick little shortcut to insert a hyperlink.  Just hit “command+K”.
  • Throw some filters on your spreadsheet with command+shift+F! Aaaand done.
  • Very quickly double space all or part of your document. Just select  the text you would like double spaced and hit command+2
  • Just figured this one out yesterday on accident.  Use hold “alt” and click on a row or column number to quickly insert a row or column.  So much easier!


  • Not sure how big you want that font to be?  Use Command+Shift+> to quickly increase the size (< to decrease).  This proved to be very useful in PowerPoint trying to make letters look right in a specifically sized box as well.

command shift >

  • Too much data in your face? Hide columns the easy way with control+0.

Control 0

  • Quick way to open a folder to view all of the items on your desktop: Command+Shift+D


  • Not sure if that word means what you think it means? In Word Option+Shift+F7 opens the dictionary!


  • Tired of searching the banner in Excel for the hyperlink button? Next time just use “command+K”, and take the shortcut!MacK


  • A double click is two clicks too many. If the file you want is highlighted, hit “command+Y” to open it. Mouse-shmouse!


  • When you hear someone share a PC shortcut, in general, on a Mac, try the Apple key in place of “Ctrl” for the Mac shortcut.  For example, Apple key + z is the shortcut for Undo.

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  • I use a PC at work, and a Mac at home. Thank you for the Mac shortcuts!

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